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Bambi Northwood-Blyth INTERVIEW + OYSHO homewear 2011

Where does your Bambi nickname come from?
Well, it’s not just a nickname! It’s actually my middle name and then having the tattoo made it stick more.
What would you normally do on a Sunday?
I call Sunday’s fun days! I like to sleep in, bike ride to the beach, have a late lunch and a rose, hang out with my boyfriend! Kind of just roll with the day!
Which is your favourite fashion designer?
For everyday, I wear a mix of everything!
Which is your favourite musician/band?
Hmmmm! I have a mix of everything on my iPod from The Strokes, to Phoenix, to Jason Derulo and Eminem!
What would be the IT garment for this season in your opinion?
Leather!!! Leather pants, leather jacket, leather dress. Best wind blocker and you can never get it wrong!
What do you wear for sleeping?
I love light cotton singlets and cute underwear!
Which would be THE BEAUTY advice you could give us?
Salt water for the face and hair! And beauty flash balm. 
.. and 2nd round Pick your choice (answer by one of the 2 choices):
Coffee or Tea? Tea because there are sooo many types!
Meat or Fish? Fish.
Fruits or Vegetables? Both! I looooove fruit and vegies!
Mascara or Lipstick? Neither. I like nude lips and bronzer or eyeliner. I don’t really use mascara or lipstick when I’m not shooting.
Thong or Brief? Brief cheeky cut.
Topless or Swimsuit? Topless on a deserted island, but down at Bondi definitely a swimsuit.
Miniskirt or Pants? Denim shorts!! The best ever.
Cat or Dog? Dog.
Kate Moss or Sienna Miller? Kate Moss.
Alexa Chung or Erin Wasson? A mix!
Rock or Folk? Rock
London or NY? New London
Beach or Mountain? BEACH!

Love or Lust? Love

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  1. Umm... Liza and I have had a Bambi obsession forever!!!! Love this interview--- great post!!! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog-- we are following u now- ur posts are seriously great!! I love that you spotlight models--- we love it.

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  2. Loved the interview so much!!! she's gorgeous.

  3. Dzięki niej, skreśliłam z moich planów, zmiany wyglądu moich brwi :D

  4. I love this post!!! it's cute!!

  5. just love her! thanks for your comment and hope you find something you like soon!


  6. I love this, she sounds so cute! She is so beautiful also!
    love the blog,

  7. Lovely interview!! :)